Hertfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner.  
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Community Safety Grants

As well as the policing budget, the Police and Crime Commissioner oversees a Community Safety Grant. This funding supports work with partner organisations (such as local government) that have a vital part to play in keeping Hertfordshire’s communities safe.
This year (2017) the Commissioner asked those partners to provide applications to the grant, to ensure that the funding provided aligns with the aims of the Community Safety and Criminal Justice Plan, as well as local priorities. 
The Commissioner has attached conditions to the grant, which help him oversee how well the money is spent on behalf of local communities and to ensure that there is transparency and accountability. Full annual reports are requested which provide information on progress and evidence of effectiveness.
Grant recipients need to make sure their activities focus on the needs of the public, particularly victims of crime, ensuring that offenders make amends and pay back for the cost of crime and setting out plans to apply greater business sense. In delivering against the Community Safety and Criminal Justice Plan, the Commissioner envisages that these grants will contribute towards securing crime and disorder reduction in Hertfordshire.
Click the link here to see how the grants were allocated from this fund for the 2018/19 financial year.

Allocations for previous years:

2017/18 financial year
2015/16 financial year
2014/15 financial year
2013/14 financial year