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Hertfordshire's Police and Crime Plan - 'Everybody's Business: Community Safety and Criminal Justice Plan'

My Community Safety and Criminal Justice Plan: Everybody’s Business, signals a new emphasis in my role as PCC enabling greater oversight and accountability of agencies other than the police.

This five year plan sets out my ambition and vision for community safety and criminal justice across the county to 2022. It looks to the future and sets out the challenges and opportunities ahead of us and speaks to everyone - the police, local authorities, the private sector and each one of us as citizens - to take action and play a part in preventing and reducing crime.

The plan outlines my thoughts, but I want to hear from you. I need your views and comments to help determine whether this is the right vision and direction for Hertfordshire. This is your chance to have a say. You can complete the survey by clicking here or you can send your comments to the.plan@herts.pnn.police.uk or by letter to the Police and Crime Commissioner for Hertfordshire, 15 Vaughan Road, Harpenden, Hertfordshire, AL5 4GZ by 16th January 2017.

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Information on the Police and Crime Plan: Everybody’s Business ( 2015-2020) can be found here.

I have also published a manifesto for the Police and Crime Commissioner election in Hertfordshire, 5th May 2016

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What’s in the plan?

This refreshed Police and Crime Plan is more than just a legal requirement, it sets out my plan and vision for policing and crime across Hertfordshire to 2020.  It reflects both the continuity in the principles and priorities outlined in my first plan, and also the changes in the nature of crime, and the new responsibilities on my office in commissioning victims’ services – putting victims at the centre of all that we do.  It sets out how the Constabulary will respond to their Strategic Policing Requirements and ensure we get the best from our collaborated units, with whom we share resources, to drive crime down and provide an efficient and effective service for the public.

And underpinning all of our work there are four main strategic themes:

   -  Putting Victims at the Centre
   -  Public Focus
   -  Offender Pays
   -  Business Sense

The Putting Victims at the Centre theme is about ensuring that victims are treated with compassion and empathy and receive the highest standards of care and support when and how they need it.

The Public Focus theme is about greater customer care across the criminal justice system, about greater support for victims of crime and about more active citizens.

The Offender Pays theme is about making offenders pay for the costs they create as well as setting up paid rehabilitation schemes. And it is about a concerted attack on criminal assets to recover the proceeds of crime.

The Business Sense theme is about working more closely with local businesses, about efficiency and about taking a more business-like approach to Constabulary and partnership use of resources and assets.

The plan highlights the challenges and the opportunities that await us and how we all play a vital part in working in partnership to deliver these ambitious proposals.  It is ‘Everybody’s Business’ to keep Hertfordshire safe.  Over the coming years we will see further changes underway with new and expanded responsibilities which will continue to challenge us all to radically reform policing and criminal justice.

Public consultation on Hertfordshire’s Police and Crime plan

The draft Police and Crime Plan was launched for public consultation in early February 2013. The Consultation period closed on 8th March. In that time there were nearly 200 responses from residents, local businesses, associations and public sector partners (like councils or the Probation Service).

How was the feedback used?
Every piece of feedback was read in detail (it really was) and all discrete new ideas were captured in a suggestions list for consideration now and in the future.

Explicit reaction to the Commissioner’s proposed policy priorities (Building on success, Public Focus, Offender Pays, Business Sense – see the Plan page for more detail) was collated and analysed, and where new themes arose (there was significant response about driving and road safety, for example) these were also listed and considered in some depth.

The Commissioner then made some amendments to the Plan and included a new Response to Consultation section in the document which summarises the consultation and included his responses to each of the themes arising.

Getting involved
The Commissioner would like to thank all of those who expended the time and energy to read and respond to the consultation. As per the title of the plan, Everybody’s Business, he sees the need for the whole county to engage with Police and Crime issues and collectively to take responsibility for the reduction of crime and the increased safety of our communities. Therefore, please contact the Commissioner with any further ideas, suggestions or feedback on police and crime related matters in Hertfordshire.

What have I done so far

Annual Reports

The fourth Annual Report marks progress and key achievements made over the last year against the refreshed Police and Crime Plan, ‘Everybody’s Business’ (2015-2020).
Over the last year, significant progress has been made on key areas relating to plan’s four key strands of the Plan: Putting Victims at the centre; Public Focus; Offender Pays and Business Sense.

In summary of key achievements the report confirms crime has been kept low, with Hertfordshire remaining one of the safest places in the country. With a dedicated policing team in each borough and district, local policing remains protected, with better service delivered at lower costs via new technology and collaboration.

For the first time, the police precept of council tax was reduced – a move to only charge tax payers what is required to deliver a quality policing service. A consistent theme of victim support continues to run through many threads of the plan to ensure we understand the needs of crime victims and provide suitable services to meet these needs effectively.

The report gives a insightful view into the work that has been achieved over the last year and how the Constabulary is performing.  Now re-elected for a second term, the Commissioner remains dedicated the building upon results of the first, with a refreshed Police and Crime Plan due shortly which will set out his vision for community safety and criminal justice across Hertfordshire for the next four years.  Remaining at its core will be the notion that keeping people safe is ‘Everybody’s Business’ - achievable by collaboration right across public, private and voluntary sectors.