Audit Committee Meeting 11 April 2013

10.00am - 1.00pm in Committee Room B, County Hall, Hertford

The full Agenda can be read here.

The meeting minutes can be read here.

  • Stuart Nagler (Chairman)
  • Sarah Coffey
  • Chris Kitchin
  • Chris Moreton
  • Mark Hughes

Agenda and Part 1 Papers
Item Title Introduced By
1 Apologies for Absence Chair, Stuart Nagler
2 Declaration of Interests Chair, Stuart Nagler
3 Minutes of the meeting of interim audit committee held on 18 January 2013 Chair, Stuart Nagler
4 Audit Committee Terms of Reference Chief Executive and Chief Finance Officer
5 Audit Fee Letters 2012-13 and 2013-14:
Chief Constable
External Auditor
6 2012-13 Audit Plan External Auditor
7 2013-14 Internal Audit Plan Chief Internal Auditor
8 Internal Audit Progress Report Chief Internal Auditor
9 Future Meeting Dates:
Friday 28 June, 2.00pm
Thursday 26 September, 10.00am
Thursday 28 November, 10.00am

All meetings to be held in Committee Room B, County Hall, Hertford
Chair, Stuart Nagler