Audit Committee Meeting 18 January 2013

Committee Room B, County Hall, Hertford.

  • Stuart Nagler (Chairman)
  • Sarah Coffey
  • Chris Kitchin
  • Kevin McGetrick
  • Sue Warman

The full Agenda can be read here.

The meeting minutes can be read here.

Police Commissioner Officers present:
  • Bernice Compton Executive Assistant
  • Andrew White Chief Executive, Commissioner
  • James Hurley Chief Financial Officer, Commissioner and Chief Constable
  • Mike Jarvis Head of Finance, Herts Constabulary

Also present:
  • Mark Hodgson, Audit Commission (Ernst & Young)
  • Helen Maneuf, Head of Assurance
  • Sally-Anne Pearcey, Senior Internal Auditor

Before the meeting was called to order, Andrew White gave a brief presentation of the work being undertaken by the office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Hertfordshire.
Item Title Notes
1 Apologies for absence None
2 Declaration of interests None
3 Terms of reference The Committee received and noted a report setting out the Statement of Purpose and Terms of Reference for the Audit Committee.

a. Advertisements for the role of committee member to be sent to all Interim committee members.
b. The frequency paragraph on the Terms of Reference need to be sharpened up.
c. The fact that the role of committee member is of an advisory function.
4 External audit update Mark Hodgson gave a verbal update on the external audit. He reassured the committee that there would be no change in auditors and that he and Natalie Smith would continue as external auditors.

The Committee also heard that Ernst and Young would be arranging a workshop for Police and Crime Commissioners and Chief Financial Officers regarding emerging financial issues.

The Committee noted the report.
5 Internal audit strategy The Committee received and noted a report setting out the arrangements in place for the delivery of effective internal audit for the Police and Crime Commissioner and Hertfordshire Constabulary.
6 Internal audit progress report The Committee received and noted the progress report and amendments to the Audit Plan as at 31 December 2012.
7 Constabulary risk register The Committee considered and noted the Constabulary’s updated Risk Register. It was also noted that future registers will be combined to include additional specific risks for the Commissioner.

The Committee agreed the register subject to some changes to wording.
8 Treasury management A report of the Treasury Management performance and activity for the nine month period to December 2012 was received and noted by the Committee.
9 Future meetings Thursday 11 April, 10.00am
Friday 28 June, 2.00pm
Thursday 26 September, 10.00am
Thursday 28 November, 10.00amAll meetings to be held in Committee Room B, County Hall