Agenda and Minutes for 20 March 2014

10am in Conference Room 1, Police Headquarters, Welwyn Garden City. 

  • Stuart Nagler (Chairman)
  • Sarah Coffey
  • Chris Kitchin
  • Chris Moreton
  • Mark Hughes

The full Agenda can be read here.

The meeting minutes can be read here.

Agenda and Part 1 Papers
Item Title Introduced By
1 Apologies for absence Chair, Stuart Nagler
2 Declaration of interests Chair, Stuart Nagler
3 Minutes of the last meeting 28.11.2013 Chair, Stuart Nagler
4 Standing items Diana Currie / James Hurley
5 Financial presentation James Hurley
6 Stage II transfer - new scheme of governance Diana Currie / James Hurley
7 External audit External Auditors
8 2013/14 external audit plan Mark Hodgson
9 Internal audit progress report
Internal audit plan 2014/15
Helen Maneuf / Sally-Anne Pearcey
10 Crime recording process
Appendix B (final report)
Shirley Sargent
11 Risk registers Diana Currie / James Hurley
12 Treasury management Q3 report Chief Finance Officer
13 A.O.B. Chair, Stuart Nagler
14 Feedback from committee for consideration Chair, Stuart Nagler

Part 2
Not for disclosure under Section 31 (Law enforcement) of the Freedom of Information Act.
15 Constabulary Risk Register – Appendix A Diana Currie/ James Hurley