Agenda and Minutes for 27 November 2018

10am in Conference Room 2, Police Headquarters, Welwyn Garden City

  • Paul Smith (Chair)
  • Sarah Coffey
  • Chris Kitchin
  • Bradley Few
  • Andy Godman

The meeting minutes can be read here.

Agenda and Part 1 Papers
Item Title Introduced By
1 Apologies for absence
Bradley Few
2 Declaration of Interests Chair
3 Minutes of the last meeting held on 31 July 2018
Action Tracker
4 Updates Chair
James Hurley
Ian Rooney
5 RSM Internal Auditors - RSM
6 Management Tracker James Hurley
7 EY Audit Letter 17/18 Ian Rooney
8 Formal transfer of External Audit from EY to BDO Ian Rooney
9 Introduction of Audit Lead from BDO - Oral Update Nick Bernstein

Part 2
Not for Publication
10 Constabulary Risk Register James Hurley
11 OPCC Risk Register Ian Rooney
12 Internal Audit tendering update (oral) James Hurley
13 AOB & Question Time - Tri Force JAC Chair

Date of Next Meeting:
6 March 2019 @ 2pm
PHQ Conference Room 2