Agenda and Minutes for 28 June 2013

2.00pm - 4.00pm in Committee Room B, County Hall, Hertford

The full Agenda can be read here.

The meeting minutes can be read here.

Agenda and Part 1 Papers
Item Title Introduced By
1 Apologies for Absence Chair, Stuart Nagler
2 Declaration of Interests Chair, Stuart Nagler
3 Minutes of the meeting held on 11 April 2013 Chief Executive and
Chief Finance Officer
4 Terms of Reference Chief Executive
5 Progress Report and Briefing External Auditor
6 Audit Charter 
Head of Assurance
7 Annual Report for 2012/13
Annual Assurance Statement and Internal Audit Annual Report
Head of Assurance
8 Progress Report verbal update Head of Assurance
9 Draft Annual Governance Statement for Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner
Draft Statement
Chief Executive
10 Annual Governance Statement for the Chief Constable
Draft Statement
Chief Finance Officer and Chief Executive
11 Draft Statement of Accounts Chief Finance Officer
12 Treasury Management – End of Year Report 2012/13 Chief Executive
13 Corporate Risk Register
(Appendix A in Part 2)
Chief Finance Officer
14 Future Meeting Dates:
Chair, Stuart Nagler
  Part 2 - Not for disclosure under Section 31 (Law Enforcement) Of the Freedom of Information Act  
15 Corporate Risk Register Chief Finance Officer
16 Internal Audit Report on Mobile Device Security Head of Assurance