CEB Agenda and Minutes for 7 June 2017

10.30am in Conference Room, Harpenden Police Station

  • David Lloyd, Commissioner
  • David Gibson, Deputy Commissioner
  • Nina Villa, Deputy Chief Executive
  • Gavin Miles, Deputy Chief Executive
  • Stuart Nagler, Assistant Commissioner
  • Kevin McGetrick, Head of Victims Commissioning
  • Mike Collier, Chief Financial Officer
  • Sandra Coughlan, Head of Programme and Business Development
  • Paul Scoins, Senior Communications & Engagement Officer
  • Niamh Madigan, Senior Communications & Engagement Officer
  • Luke La Plain, Project Accountant
  • Chris Brace, Chief Executive
  • Frances Barnacle, Tasking Manager - Minutes

The meeting minutes can be read here

 Agenda and Part 1 Papers
Item Title Introduced By
1 Apologies:
Mike Collier
2 Declaration of Interests Chair
3 Minutes of meeting on 8th May 2017 Chair
4 Review of Action Sheet Chair
5 Honour Based Abuse, Forced Marriage & FGM Research Report Prof. Aisha Gill and Prof. Pamela Cox
6 Finance Report Luke La Plain
7 Victims Commissioning Update Kevin McGetrick
8 Action Fund Debbie Barker
9 ICV Report Nina Villa
10 Fire Business Case: Nina Villa
11 Stop and Search Annual Report: Debbie Barker
12 Monthly 1:1 and Quarterly Reports: Chief Constable and PCC meeting Gavin Miles
13 AOB  
14 Next Meeting:
3rd July 2017, 13:00 - 16.00, OPCC Harpenden