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CEB Agenda and Minutes for 8 December 2016

10.00am in Conference Room, Harpenden Police Station

  • David Lloyd, Commissioner
  • Roy Wilsher, Chief Executive
  • David Gibson, Deputy Commissioner
  • Nina Villa, Deputy Chief Executive
  • Gavin Miles, Deputy Chief Executive
  • Stuart Nagler, Assistant Commissioner
  • Kevin McGetrick, Head of Victims Commissioning
  • Amie Birkhamshaw, Head of Policy and Engagement
  • Mike Collier, Chief Financial Officer
  • Sandra Coughlan, Head of Programme and Business Development
  • Paul Scoins, Senior Communications & Engagement Officer
  • Niamh Madigan, Senior Communications & Engagement Officer
  • Samantha Hale, Tasking Manager - Minutes

The meeting minutes can be read here

 Agenda and Part 1 Papers
Item Title Introduced By
1 Apologies  
2 Declaration of Interests Chair
3 Minutes of meeting on 2nd November 2016 Chair
4 Review of Action Sheet Chair
5 Finance Summary Luke La Plain
6 Community Safety Grant 2016/17 Debbie Barker
7 Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Debbie Barker
8 Frauds / scams and vulnerable people Debbie Barker
9 Child sexual exploitation support proposal Kevin McGetrick
10 Sexual exploitation and abuse support proposals Kevin McGetrick
11 Honour based Abuse, Forces Marriage and Female Genital Mutilation Victims Services Commissioning Research Kevin McGetrick
12 AOB  
13 Next Meeting:
10.00AM - 13.00PM OPCC Harpenden