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Criminal Justice Innovation Fund

The Community Safety and Criminal Justice Plan: Everybody’s Business (2017- 2022) sets out the Police and Crime Commissioner’s vision to improving the end to end system for victims of crime and finding ways to improve the efficiency, transparency, accountability and democratic oversight of the criminal justice system. 

In April 2018, the PCC announced the launch of a new Criminal Justice Innovation Fund which would see £150,000 from the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) being used for one financial year (2018/19).

The aims of the fund are to:

  • Build insight, an evidence base or new solutions that leads to change and improvements in the experience and outcomes for Hertfordshire’s victims and witnesses
  • Find ways to identify and divert people from entering the criminal justice system through preventative and early intervention initiatives and those first time entrants from further reoffending
  • Support the delivery of improvements in the performance, efficiency and effectiveness of the criminal justice system locally including through new digital innovations
  • Improve the effectiveness of the referral pathways and how offenders are managed and supported as they go ‘Through the Gate’ and into the community to support reductions in reoffending.
Details of the successful applications for 2018/19 can be found here
Details of the successful applications for 2019/20 can be found below. 

Criminal Justice Innovation Fund Recipients Round 1 June
Round 2
September 2019
Round 3 December 2019
Community Resolution as an out of court disposal option for low level domestic abuse
Constabulary Domestic Abuse Investigation & Safeguarding Unit

First time offenders who admit their actions would be eligible for an early intervention scheme rather than a police caution / prosecution.  The 2-day course, delivered by ‘The Change Project’, provides perpetrators with awareness / strategies to prevent re-offending.
£19,000   No grants awarded
Hertfordshire Problem Gambling Programme (GamCare)
Delivery of further staff training, resources development, screening tool, resettlement clinics & in-cell access to support (HMP The Mount), Community Support treatment options, Probation work, exploration of Police / Court Systems.
Out Of Court Disposals Framework Hardship Fund (Herts Constabulary)
Fund to be available for allocation in cases where low level offenders (not suitable for court) are unable to afford cost of Victim Awareness Course; means testing involved.
Case File Quality Review Team (Herts Constabulary)
Review / analyse case action plans and all files submitted to CPS to ascertain key issues / trends.  2018/19 Constabulary Innovation Grant initiated this work.  Further work is needed to ascertain whether file quality issues have been rectified.
Prison Release Day Key Workers (BeNCH CRC)
Support for newly released prisoners in attending their first induction appointment, the nearest Jobcentre+ for their first appointment to commence a Universal Credit claim and Council offices, if required, to access housing support.  Outcomes sought are increased compliance with terms of the prison release licences, uptake of support from JobCentre+ and increase rate of people accessing benefits on release from prison.
(This award is subject to the following conditions: The award of up to £18,750 is match funded and the finer details of how all Herts arriving prison leavers are supported across the country are shared with the Commissioner)
  £19,000 £95,795 £0
Total £114,795

How to Apply

The Criminal Justice Innovation Fund is open to public and private organisations, criminal justice and community safety partners working in collaboration with the voluntary and community sector in Hertfordshire.

Applications can be made to the fund that seek to: support new activity; develop an evidence base or run a project or pilot; shows sustainability beyond the life of the funding; show evidence of support and is realistic, deliverable, financially viable and demonstrates value for money.

The fund has now closed for 2019/20.