Criminal Justice Innovation Fund

The Community Safety and Criminal Justice Plan: Everybody’s Business (2019- 2024) sets out the Commissioner’s vision to improving the end to end system for victims of crime and finding ways to improve the efficiency, transparency, accountability and democratic oversight of the criminal justice system.

The aims of the Criminal Justice Innovation Fund include the following:

  • Build insight, an evidence base or new solutions that leads to change and improvements in the experience and outcomes for Hertfordshire’s victims and witnesses.
  • Find ways to identify and divert people from entering the criminal justice system through preventative and early intervention initiatives and those first time entrants from further reoffending.
  • Support the delivery of improvements in the performance, efficiency and effectiveness of the criminal justice system locally including through new digital innovations.
  • Improve the effectiveness of the referral pathways and how offenders are managed and supported as they go ‘Through the Gate’ and into the community to support reductions in reoffending.

2020/21 Grants Awarded
Bid name (applicant)
project summary
Award, £
Jobs Pathway (CDA Herts)
Provide a route to employment for Herts residents who are - or feel they are - excluded from getting a job because of their history or perceived abilities.
Herts, Minds & Goals (The Prince’s Trust)
Targeted work with young offenders/those at risk of offending.  Empowering them to identify the right choices, enabling them to gain vital soft skills and the confidence to progress into positive opportunities, aiding prevention against committing future crime.
Community-based Video Enabled Justice (Herts Constabulary)  Partnership project with Citizen Advice Bureaus in Hertfordshire and the Courts Based Witness Service to develop up to ten Civilian Witness Suites to facilitate the giving of Court evidence in a remote environment. £60,000
Custody Distractions for Vulnerable Detainees (Herts Constabulary)
Detainees with vulnerabilities including anxiety, depression, PTSD, ADHD, ADD, learning difficulties and claustrophobia struggle in custody environment.  This group also includes juveniles and vulnerable adults.  The project involves acquiring, risk assessing and then implementation of certain “distraction” items which will pass the time, relieve anxiety and make the custody process of being detained in a cell slightly less of an ordeal
Total £141,277

Details of the successful applications for 2018/19 can be found here

Details of the successful applications for 2019/20 can be found here

How to Apply

The fund is currently closed.  Details of future opportunities to apply will appear here.