Community Safety Grants

The Police and Crime Commissioner oversees a Community Safety Grant which supports work with partner organisations (including district community safety partnerships) that have a vital part to play in keeping Hertfordshire’s communities safe.

Grant applicants are asked to consider how their proposed projects align with the aims of the Community Safety and Criminal Justice Plan, as well as with local priorities.

The Commissioner attaches conditions to the grant, which help him oversee how well the money is spent on behalf of local communities and to ensure that there is transparency and accountability.

Annual reports are requested which provide information on progress and evidence of effectiveness.

Grant recipients need to make sure their activities focus on the needs of the public, particularly victims of crime, ensuring that offenders make amends and pay back for the cost of crime, including setting out plans to apply greater business sense.

In delivering against the Community Safety and Criminal Justice Plan, the Commissioner envisages that these grants will contribute towards securing crime and disorder reduction in Hertfordshire.

Grants awarded in 2020/21
Project Title Project Summary Award
SOS county-wide intervention for serious youth violence Extension of pilot serious youth violence intervention project - whole systems approach to identify/support high risk young people £133,000
Fearless in Hertfordshire Extension of early intervention/prevention/ anonymous reporting of criminal activity in priority secondary schools – including primary schools £31,000
Modern Slavery Partnership Coordinator Extension of the project to part-fund a coordinator to lead on the work of the Hertfordshire Modern Slavery Partnership £18,000
Domestic Abuse Prevention Service Extension of a pilot project that provides outreach workers to support perpetrators of low-level domestic abuse. £9,047
Family Safeguarding Team Domestic Abuse Officers Contribution to employment of a team of Domestic Abuse Officers in the Hertfordshire County Council Family Safeguarding teams. £90,000
Herts Youth Justice Contribution towards Herts Youth Justice who deliver statutory services to prevent offending and reoffending of children and young people age 10-17 in Hertfordshire. £95,000
Cybercrime Strategy Worker Appointment of a Programme Manager to oversee the successful implementation, delivery & mainstreaming of both the Hertfordshire Fraud and Cybercrime strategies – including Cybercrime Basics Reviews for SMEs. £77,583
Total   £453,630

Allocations for previous years:
2019/20 financial year.
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How to Apply

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