Community Safety Grants Allocation

The table below outlines how grants were allocated from this fund for the 2013/14 financial year. Click on the links within the table to see details of each grant made.
Community Safety Grant Allocations 2013/14 Value
District-based Community Safety Partnerships  
Borough of Broxbourne 25,019
Dacorum Borough Council 32,324
East Hertfordshire District Council 26,121
Hertsmere Borough Council 27,898
North Hertfordshire District Council 26,779
St Albans District Council 31,540
Stevenage Borough Council 22,900
Three Rivers District Council 24,553
Watford Borough Council 28,620
Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council 27,834
Total for District-based CSPs £273,588
County-Wide Community Safety Grant  
Home Securities Service (part of grant to County Community Safety Unit - CCSU) 14,199
Domestic Violence Helpline (part of grant to CCSU) 7,289
Drug Action Team (part of grant to CCSU) 48,705
Drugs Intervention Programme (part of grant to CCSU) 233,762
Total for County-Wide Community Safety £303,955
Other County-Wide Grants  
MIDAS (data analysis service) 38,591
Youth Crime and Substance Misuse Prevention 128,954
Children Services - Substance Misuse 79,582
Total for other County-Wide Grants £247,127
Total Community Safety Grants £824,670