Decisions July 2013

The table below contains a log of decisions of significant public interest made by me or as a result of meetings with partner organisations. Click on the links within the table to view the full decision and supporting documents.
Date Subject Decision Documents*
16 July 2013 Everybody's Business Delivery Plan Decision Summary Supporting Documents
16 July 2013 Relocation of Six Hills Decision Summary Minutes of Strategic Executive Board meeting 16 July 2013
Item 07 - Six Hills Court Relocation paper
Item 07 - Appendix A
Item 07 - Appendix B
16 July 2013 Safeguarding Children's Board Funding Decision Summary Strategic Executive Board meeting minutes 16 July 2013 
Item 10 Hertfordshire Safeguarding Children Board funding costs
Item 10 Appendix 1
Item 10 Appendix 2
16 July 2013 Ugly Mugs Scheme Decision Summary Strategic Executive Board meeting minutes for 16 July 2013 
Item 11 - Ugly Mugs Scheme funding report
Item 11 - Appendix 1
25 July 2013 Appointment of Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner Decision Summary Letter dated 12 June 2013 re intention to appoint a Deputy
Letter dated 17 July 2013 re proposal to appoint David Gibson
Confirmation Hearing Agenda 25 July 2013
Item 2 Review of Proposed Appointment of Deputy Commissioner
Minutes of Police and Crime Panel meeting 25 July 2013

Report of Police and Crime Panel Confirmation meeting 25 July 2013

*The publication of supporting information may be subject to necessary redaction in order to protect operational policing matters or commercial sensitivities