Decision Making Meeting 24th February 2020

15:30 Commissioner's Office, Harpenden Police Station

  • David Lloyd, Commissioner
  • David Gibson, Deputy Commissioner
  • Chris Brace, Chief Executive
  • Gavin Miles, Deputy Chief Executive
  • Amie Birkhamshaw, Director of Strategy
  • Ian Rooney, Chief Finance Officer

 The decisions of this meeting can be viewed here


Item Title
1 Minutes of meeting of 3 February 2020
2 Road Safety Fund van progress report
Appendix A
3 Road Safety Round 4
4 Contract letting to be noted. These contracts have been approved by procurement and relevant police leads as well as the Chief Finance Officer. They are all recommended for approval.
(a) PEQF. This contract was discussed, reported and approved in principle at meetings of the BCH strategic alliance and Eastern Region 7 Force in January 2020. The contract is to deliver PEQF qualification for police officers. The term is 5 years (extendable by agreement). This contract is a 7 force collaborated contract awarded to Anglia Ruskin University.
(b) Agency staff. This contract is for delivery of temporary agency staff to the 7 police forces. The contract term is 2 years and is extendable. This contract is a 7 force collaborated contract. BCH is one of 4 lots all awarded to Randstad Solutions Limited.
(c) Procurement ICT tools.
(d)  Section 22 Agreement for 7F property purchase. Oral update.
5 Rural Crime Survey findings
6 Rape Scrutiny Panel
7 Supporting case managed victims of ASB
8 Police HQ Redevelopment Project
9 DAISU Safeguarding Hub