Decision Making Meeting 27th January 2020

12:00 Commissioner's Office, Harpenden Police Station

  • David Lloyd, Commissioner
  • David Gibson, Deputy Commissioner
  • Ian Rooney, Chief Finance Officer
  • Chris Brace, Chief Executive
  • Amie Birkhamshaw, Director of Strategy


  • Gavin Miles, Deputy Chief Executive

 The decisions of this meeting can be viewed here


Item Title
1 Minutes of meeting of 20 January 2020
2 Fly Tipping Pilot
3 Speed Indicator Device (SID) warranty
4 Victims Services
5 Disposal of Hoddesdon Police Station Site
6 Sexual Assault Referral Services (SARS) Investment Option 3
7 CED Grant Funding (Tasers) – Funding for devices in Hertfordshire
8 Any Other Business
Customer Response Team – change of name