District Day

My last District Day in East Herts was in March 2017. You can read about it by clicking here.

Crime in Your Area

If you would like to find out more about crime statistics in your area, the Police crime mapping website provides information on crime and anti-social behaviour in your neighbourhood, right down to street level.

Projects and Initiatives

East Herts Community Youth Champion

The East Herts Community Youth Champion project was piloted in October 2015. It was designed and organised by the East Herts Community Safety Partnership (CSP) and tested through local schools. So far, two very successful sessions have been carried out which focussed on community safety messages. The model is very flexible, and can be adapted to suit any other topic such as health and wellbeing (for example bullying or healthy relationships).

The aim of each session is to deliver learning and understanding on key issues  to the younger community, in a way that encourages them to become champions of the message, which they pass onto their peers. Per session, Champion aims to certify 2-3 students from each school who go on to present findings and outcomes from the session to their student community. The notion is twofold – it firstly enables partners to reach students with messages in a way that is time and cost efficient, and secondly, the students (under the guidance of partners) are encouraged to deliver the messages in way that their peers can relate to.

East Herts CSP has developed a resource pack for the use of other CSPs.

 Download the Resource Pack

Community Safety Partnership

Community Safety Partnerships are a group of local agencies who work together to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour in their local area. They usually consist of Hertfordshire Constabulary, the district or borough council, Hertfordshire County Council, Fire & Rescue, Probation, Health representatives and others according to local needs.

Find out more about East Hert's Community Safety Partnership.

I have given the Community Safety Partnership funding for tackling crime and antisocial behaviour in the community. You can find information about this grant by clicking here



If you have any local concerns you wish to discuss, you could speak to your local Safer Neighbourhood Team.