Hertfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner.  
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My Decisions

When I took up the office of Police and Crime Commissioner I swore an oath to act with integrity and diligence, to be a voice of the public and to ensure transparency in my decisions and spending of public money.
I will consult with the Police and Crime panel in regard to the level of precept, the policing plan, Chief Constable appointments, complaints, conduct matters and other matters in which the Panel hold me to account.

I will also consult with residents, businesses and the Constabulary as well as other partners in Hertfordshire's criminal justice system.
In addition I publish information about my formal governance arrangements.

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*The publication of supporting information may be subject to necessary redaction in order to protect operational policing matters or commercial sensitivities

Governance Meetings

This section contains information about my formal governance meetings. 

Audit Committee

The Committee's role is to provide independent scrutiny and assurance on the adequacy of the corporate governance and risk management frameworks and the associated control environments, and to advise according to good governance principles and proper practices and oversee the financial reporting processes.

The Committee is a joint body made up of a Chair and four other independent members who advise both the Police and Crime Commissioner for Hertfordshire and the Chief Constable.
Membership of the Audit Committee is as follows;
  • Paul Smith - Chair
  • Chris Kitchen
  • Sarah Coffey
  • Andy Godman
Audit Committee Terms of reference
If you wish to contact the Audit Committee please use the Commissioner's Contact details marking correspondence 'For the attention of the Chair of the Audit Committee'.
Upcoming Meetings:  11th March 2020 @ 2.00pm PHQ Conference Room 2

The Agenda and Minutes of previous meetings can be viewed by clicking on the relevent link below*:

Agenda and Minutes of meetings from previous years
2019 Meetings
2018 Meetings
2017 Meetings
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2013 Meetings

*The disclosure of some information may be withheld under section 31 (Law enforcement) of the Freedom of Information Act

Joint Audit Committee Annual Report 2015/16

Decision Making Meetings

The Police and Crime Commissioner holds decision making meetings where he makes decisions which are then published.

The decision making meeting was previously called the Commissioner’s Executive Board (CEB).

Minutes of the meeting with background reports will be published on this website except where the decision is exempt from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

Decision Making Meeting Terms of Reference.

Click on the links below to view details of the meetings

Actions* from CEB meetings for previous years
2019 Decision Making Meetings
2018 Decision Making Meetings
2017 CEB and Decision Making Meetings
2016 CEB Meetings
2015 CEB Meetings
2014 CEB Meetings

2013 CEB Meetings
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Key decisions taken are recorded in my decisions  logs.
*The disclosure of some information may be withheld under section 31 (Law enforcement) of the Freedom of Information Act

Strategic Executive board (SEB)

The Strategic Executive Board is the forum for issues related to the effectiveness and efficiency of the policing service delivered in Hertfordshire.

For full details of the boards functions please go the delegated decisions and authorities page.
SEB Terms of Reference

Click on the links below to view minutes* of SEB meetings.

Actions* from SEB meetings for previous years
2019 SEB Meetings
2018 SEB Meetings

2017 SEB Meetings
2016 SEB Meetings
2015 SEB Meetings
2014 SEB Meetings

2013 SEB Meetings
2012 SEB Meetings

Key decisions from these meetings are recorded in my decisions logs.
*The disclosure of some information may be withheld under section 31 (Law enforcement) of the Freedom of Information Act