SEB Agenda and Minutes for 13 August 2019

10.00 in Conference Room, Harpenden Police Station

  • David Lloyd (Commissioner)
  • Stuart Nagler (Assistant Commissioner)
  • Chris Brace (Chief Executive)
  • Gavin Miles (Deputy Chief Executive)
  • Nigel Atkins (Senior Communications Officer)
  • Sandra Freeston (Executive Assistant, minutes)
  • Bethan McPhee (Executive Assistant, observer)
Hertfordshire Constabulary:
  • Charlie Hall (Chief Constable)
  • James Hurley (Director of Resources)

  The meeting minutes can be read here

Item Title Introduced By
1 Welcome, introductions and apologies
Apologies: Gavin Miles
David Lloyd, Chair
2 Minutes and Matters Arising from 10th July 2019 Chair
3 Community Resolution Menu Report Cover Note
Community Resolution Publication
Amie Birkhamshaw
4 Community Safety & Criminal Justice Plan Cover Note
Draft Plan
Amie Birkhamshaw
5 Any other Business All
6 Next Meeting
Tuesday 10th September 2019

Standing items:
Estates Update
Constabulary Risk Register
Treasury Management
Organisational Development