SEB Agenda and Minutes for 15 June 2017

10.00am in Conference Room, Harpenden Police Station

  • David Lloyd (Commissioner)
  • David Gibson (Deputy Commissioner)
  • Chris Brace (Chief Executive)
  • Nina Villa (Deputy Chief Executive)
  • Gavin Miles (Deputy Chief Executive)
  • Stuart Nagler (Assistant to Commissioner)
  • Mike Collier (Chief Financial Officer)
  • Paul Scoins (Senior Communication & Engagement Officer)
  • Frances Barnacle (Minute Taker)
Hertfordshire Constabulary:
  • Charlie Hall (CC)
  • Michelle Dunn (DCC)
  • James Hurley (Director of Resources)
  • Ch Supt Owen Weatherill (Chief of Staff)
  • Mark Kendrew (Special Chief Officer)
  • Paul Smith, Chair of the Audit Committee

The meeting minutes can be read here

Item Title Introduced By
1 Apologies: Chair
2 Approval of Minutes of meeting 22 May 2017 Chair
3 Action Sheet Chair
4 Performance - exception reporting only - Verbal Update DCC Michelle Dunn
5 Community Concerns & Feedback - Verbal Update OPCC
6 Specials Update Mark Kendrew
7 End of Year Treasury Management Mike Collier
8 Estates Strategy: Gavin Miles
9 AOB  
10 Next Meeting:
Wednesday 26th July 2017 14.00 – 17.00

Not for Publication
11      HMIC Report (Update to be provided at start of meeting)                                               Chief Inspector Ken Townsend
12 Risk Management Report and Risk Register            James Hurley
13 Complaints Update DCC Michelle Dunn
14 Undercover Assurance (Verbal Update) DCC Michelle Dunn
15 Operational Policing Plan - for noting CC Charlie Hall