SEB Agenda and Minutes for 23 February 2017

10.00am in Conference Room, Harpenden Police Station

  • David Lloyd (Commissioner)
  • David Gibson (Deputy Commissioner)
  • Roy Wilsher (Chief Executive)
  • Nina Villa (Deputy Chief Executive)
  • Gavin Miles (Deputy Chief Executive)
  • Stuart Nagler (Assistant to Commissioner)
  • Mike Collier (Chief Financial Officer)
  • Amie Birkhamshaw (Head of Policy and Engagement)
  • Paul Scoins (Senior Communication & Engagement Officer)
  • Frances Barnacle (Minute Taker)
  Hertfordshire Constabulary:
  • Charlie Hall (CC)
  • Michelle Dunn (DCC)
  • James Hurley (Director of Resources)

The meeting minutes can be read here

Item Title Introduced By
1 Apologies Chair
2 Approval of Minutes of meeting 23 January 2017 Chair
3 Action Sheet Chair
4 Budget Report Mike Collier / James Hurley
5 Finance Monitor Report James Hurley
6 Efficiency Plan: James Hurley / Mike Collier
7 Treasury Management Strategy Mike Collier
8 Comms Estates Strategy: Paul Scoins / Colin Connelly
9 Organisational Development Update on Programmes DCC Michelle Dunn
10 Community Concerns & Feedback - Verbal Update OPCC
11 Performance - exception reporting only - Verbal Update
  • Bodyworn Videos
DCC Michelle Dunn
12 AOB:
1) PCC David Lloyd: District Day Action: Cars and lorries parking on pavements/double yellow lines. For discussion.
2) PCC David Lloyd / DCC Michelle Dunn to sign S22 agreement

13 Next Meeting:
Wednesday 22nd March 2017 10.00 – 13.00

Not for Publication
14    Complaints Update                                                          DCC Michelle Dunn
15 Op Downfield Report DCC Michelle Dunn
16 HMIC Effectiveness Report CC Charlie Hall