SEB Agenda and Minutes for 24 October 2019

09.00 in Conference Room 1, Herts PHQ

  • David Lloyd (Commissioner)
  • Stuart Nagler (Assistant Commissioner)
  • Chris Brace (Chief Executive)
  • Gavin Miles (Deputy Chief Executive)
  • Nigel Atkins (Senior Communications Officer)
  • Sandra Freeston (Executive Assistant, minutes)
  • Bethan McPhee (Executive Assistant, observer)
Hertfordshire Constabulary:
  • Charlie Hall (Chief Constable)
  • James Hurley (Director of Resources)
  The meeting minutes can be read here

Item Title Introduced By
1 Welcome, introductions and apologies
Apologies: DCC Michelle Dunn, DoR James Hurley
David Lloyd, Chair
2 Minutes and Matters Arising from 10th September 2019 Chair
PEEL Progress Update
The Poor Relation – The police and CPS response to crime against older people
Geoff Camp
4 Community Safety Hub Business Case James Hurley
5 Estates Summary Report James Hurley
6 Budget Savings Report James Hurley
7 Vetting
Current Position
Charlie Hall
8 Review of OWL Geoff Camp
9 Organisational Development
CTC Update
Nathan Briant
10 Victim Strategy/ Victims Board Bill Jephson
11 Complaints:
Complaints Overview
PSD Quarterly Performance Report
IOPC Quarterly Report
Charlie Hall
12 Any Other Business
Driver Awareness Courses MOU with HCC
BCH CTC Section 22 Agreement
Gavin Miles
13 Next Meeting
Thursday 14th November 2019

Agenda items:
Estates Update
Strategic Performance Board – Police Performance and Exception Reporting
Financial Monitor
Risk Register
Communications on Community Resolution
PCSO Powers (CRCS)
Community Engagement Strategy
Undercover assurance: CHIS update