Commissioned Victims' Services

Provider Service Value Description
Hertfordshire Constabulary YPSA £34,000 A Young Persons’ Sexual Advisor has been financed for 12 months. The YPSA came into post on February 16th and provides support to young people who are  victims of sexual violence.
Hertfordshire Constabulary 2nd YPSA (Part Cost)
Due to increasing demand, the Police and Crime Commissioner has also approved the cost to provide a second YPSA. The projected costs for this post until end March 2016 is £15,000, with the additional YPSA expecting to come into post in mid-November, if not sooner.
Herts Area Rape Crisis (HARC) Funding towards operational costs of HARC £7,200 Herts Area Rape Crisis were awarded £7,200 through the Commissioners Community Fund. These funds are to be used towards recruitment, training and retention of volunteer counsellors to enhance provision of victim services in Hertfordshire.
Reading Room Beacon Website £41,926 Reading Room were commissioned to design and build a website for Beacon Victim Care Centre. The website provides advice on victim entitlements and how to access services.
Road Victims Trust (RVT) Funding towards operational cost of the RVT £18,600 The Police and Crime Commissioner has awarded funding to contribute towards the running costs for Road Victims Trust for the 2015/16 fiscal year.  The Road Victims Trust provides free support to those who have been affected by fatal road collisions.
Rock Kitchen Harris Victims' Interactive Service Map £30,000 Rock Kitchen Harris (RKH), the developers of, have been commissioned to develop an interactive map to allow staff at the Victim Care Centre to easily pin point services to the most vulnerable victims and to assist with developing care packages. The map will also allow for the identification of crime patterns and vulnerability to help inform commissioning decisions.
University of Hertfordshire Restorative Justice Strategy £13,595 The Police and Crime Commissioner has awarded Funding provided towards research, analysis and consultation on Restorative Justice and the development of a Restorative Justice strategy.
University of Hertfordshire Restorative Justice Co-ordinator (pilot) £30,000 Funding has been awarded towards the cost of a Restorative Justice Co-ordinator to ensure the Restorative Justice strategy is delivered successfully.  This post has been grant funded for a 12 month pilot.
University of Hertfordshire Restorative Justice Training Package £25,000 The University of Hertfordshire have been  awarded funding to ensure any  Restorative Justice undertaken is safe, competent and reliable. The University has designed and developed a minimum set of standards of skills and core competencies that is essential for those involved in mediation services such as RJ.
Victim Support To provide practical, emotional and referral service to victims of crime £427,239 The contract is for 3 years from 1st April 2015. Within the contract specifications, Victim Support  provides a co-located team based at the Beacon Victim Care Centre, which includes a Children and Young Person’s case worker.
Victim Support Independent Domestic Violence Advisors (IDVA) (April 2015 - March 2016) £124,350 The Commissioner has grant funded Victim Support to provide Three and a Half Full Time Equivalent Independent Domestic Violence Advisors to provide confidential, professional, independent advice and support to victims of Domestic Violence.
Victim Support 1 IDVA Service manager and an IDVA (April 2015 - March 2016)
Funding was allocated to Victim Support to provide one additional IDVA and one IDVA Service Manager for a 12 month period. These posts are required to ensure continuity of service whilst a Countywide Domestic Abuse Commissioning is being developed.
Victim Support Watford IDVA £22,000 The Police and Crime Commissioner grant funded Victim Support to support a trial to embed an  IDVA at Watford General Hospital Emergency Department.